Book & 2 CDs

  • Contains 30 illustrated folk and bush dances;
  • includes 2 companion CDs with music and voice-over dance ‘calls’;
  • CDs stored conveniently inside the back cover;
  • incorporates a social history of Australian dance;
  • full of interesting information and charts;
  • convenient B5 size with strong wire spiral binding;
  • ideal for ages 7 to adult;
  • used widely in Australian schools;
  • listen to some sound samples here …
  • view some page samples here …


This dance instruction kit is in its 7th edition and here we present 30 of the all-time favourite bush, folk and colonial dances, all fully explained with easy-to-understand instructions and cartoon illustrations.

The text is supported by a comprehensive glossary, and every dance has a suggested ‘dance call’ included in the instructions. All the music and ‘calls’ for the dances are presented on the 2 excellent companion CDs featuring Rantan Bush Band and Mike Jackson. The music for each dance is played all the way through with the overdubbed ‘calls’ recorded for at least once through the dance sequence.

Not only does Bush Dance! introduce the best 30 bush dances, but it also has a complete social history of the development of dance in Australia from 1788 to the present era. This kit is ideal for teachers who wish to combine social studies with their dance lessons. The book also has charts, tables and musical scores with chords – making Bush Dance! the most complete and useful kit of its kind. This kit is used in thousands of schools in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, the USA and many other countries.

Optional Purchase:

Ever wanted to change the tempo of the tunes for dancing or learning? Or have you wanted change the key signatures to put them in a more convenient pitch for different instruments? Well, now you can! Our Bush Dance! Digital CD contains all the music from our audio CDs (supplied) in both MIDI and AAC (MP3) format – ideal for use with any MIDI player on your computer or for storing it all on your iPod or similar product. This is a perfect format for learning tunes and dances.

Bush Dance! contains the following dances:

Easy dances:
Brown Jug Polka | Circassian Circle | Cumberland Reel | Galopede | Ninepins Quadrille | Sir Roger de Coverley | Stockyards.

Medium dances:
Blackwattle Reel | Cheshire Rounds | Cumberland Square Eight | Flying Pieman | Highland Schottische | Irish Trot | Strip the Willow | The Tempest | Varsovienne | Virginia Reel | Waltz Country Dance.

Harder dances:
Waves of Tory | Colonial’s Quadrille | The Cottagers | Country Bumpkin | Dashing White Sergeant | La Russe Quadrille | Postie’s Jig | Scottish Circle | Soldier’s Joy | Sweets of May | Triplet Quadrille | Willow Tree.

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