About Bluegum Music

BLUEGUM MUSIC is based in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia. The company has published music and dance resources for schools and community groups for more than 20 years. There are three partners: Alan and Robyn Craig (from Rantan Bush Band), and Mike Jackson – all have had a lifetime in the entertainment industry with a strong emphasis on performances for children and schools

Rantan Bush Band TrioAlan and Robyn are founding members of Rantan Bush Band, one of the most significant forces in Australian and children’s entertainment in Queensland. The band began operations in 1977 and has run continuously since then. Rantan performs highly acclaimed dance and entertainment packages for schools throughout southeast Queensland, and also performs regularly at all the major tourist venues from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The band has maintained a significant presence in Queensland’s entertainment industry.

Mike JacksonMike Jackson has spent most of his life inspiring and empowering music-making in people of all ages. He is most famous for his hits with Bananas in Pyjamas and Dr Knickerbocker, and has sold over a quarter of a million albums – many adults have grown up with his music.

Mike’s numerous music resources are published by Bluegum Music and Music Sales and are readily available in Australia, UK, USA and Europe. A touring artist both at home and abroad, Mike entertains in schools, kinders, libraries, arts venues, and major festivals.

His concerts feature well-known songs and tunes played on a truckload of unusual instruments – melodeon, dulcimer, concertina, mini mouthorgan and ocarina (to name a few). The highly interactive show includes magical string figures, juggling, and funny bits.

Mike also takes dance workshops where simple dances are taught and called to live music. And there’s his celebrated ukulele workshops, where participants learn 2 or 3 chords and several songs – after just one session!